Rope Climber

13th February 2019

In the original brief for this shot, I was tasked with rotoscoping a shot of a person for at least 80 frames. It ideally needed to contain motion blur and both organic and inorganic motion. Hair should be uncomplicated since it’s quite time-consuming and difficult to roto.

I chose 92 frames of a shot of a man climbing a rope. The camera is handheld and at a low angle, meaning his actions sweep across the whole frame and his body parts change significantly in size as he moves up and down. There is a lot of motion blur and unpredictable movement due to the nature of his climbing. The colour similarity between his clothes and the ceiling make for an interesting test of my eye for colour. Overall, I chose my shot because I think it poses a good challenge and would show some strong abilities when completed.

I completed the full body roto of the man in the shot for the brief. After that, I continued to finish the rope in my own time. All of the roto was completed in Silhouette.

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