The Lost City of Aztlan (2020)

In 1921, apprentice archaeologist Thomas Clarke is on an expedition to discover the rumoured Mayan civilisation hidden in the jungles of Guatemala. However, curiosity about riches and artefacts hidden in the temples gets the better of him…

I produced, edited, and worked as a compositor on this film over the course of fourteen weeks.

The film is now a finalist in The Rookies! See the entry here and consider sharing it to help our chances!

  • Director: Mariam Hussein
  • Producer: Michael Vodden
  • Composer: Ben Morales Frost
  • Director of Photography: Pierrick Hausler
  • Edit & Sound: Michael Vodden
  • 3D Lead: Adikah Patterson
  • 3D: Mariam Hussein & Sandeep Tuladhar
  • 2D Lead: Harry Havens & Pierrick Hausler
  • 2D: Michael Vodden & Daniel Brooks

Special thanks to Jonathan McFall and Allar Kaasik for their expert tutoring and to Callum Walters and Jack Neale for their assistance.

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